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Saturday July 6,  LEVEL-1 / EST 12:30pm. / PST 9:30am. / UK 17h / MEZ 18:30h

The HSIN TAO® Level-1 workshop includes:

3 Level-1 movements in 3 lessons, on the following days:

2024 July   6,  =    1 hour / Energy from heaven

2024 July 13,  =    1 hour / The Saint stretches his waist

2024 July 20, = 1  1/2 hours / Energy from Heaven and Earth


Ratziel Bander speaks English, no translation


Enlargement: Energy from heaven

The reference points learned in the basic workshop are expanded and refined. The hands are included and integrated into Hsin Tao® breathing, which improves blood circulation in the lungs. As you build up, the basic movement is gently strengthened and acquires a new depth effect.


Enlargement: The saint streches his waist

Additional elements are built in that specifically and gently build and promote additional mobility along the entire spine. This affects the entire musculoskeletal system from head to toe as well as the internal organs, which are now regenerated in an even more subtle and effective way. Cell renewal takes place, physical rejuvenation and self-healing begins.


Introduction: Energy from Heaven and Earth

In this movement you will learn the beginning of a new movement sequence that combines energy from heaven and energy from earth. The body remains the center of the energy flow. Also how the energy is controlled and how the energy is constantly led out of itself and back again.

Saturday July 6, LEVEL-1 / EST 12:30pm. / PST 9:30am. / UK 17h / MEZ 18:30h

CHF 150.00Preis

Ratziel Bander

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