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Saturday June 1,  BASIC / EST 12:30pm. / PST 9:30am. / UK 17h / MEZ 18:30h

The HSIN TAO® Basic workshop includes:

3 Basic movements in 3 lessons, on the following days:

2024 June   1,  =   1 hour / Energy from heaven

2024 June   8, =    1 hour / The saint stretches his waist

2024 June 15, = 1  1/2 hours / The saint prepares medicine 3


Ratziel Bander speaks English, no translation


Energy from heaven

In the Hsin Tao® Basic Workshop you will learn the basic reference points of the sitting movement, on which all other movements are based. This includes the way one breathes in the Hsin Tao® methodology. This type of breathing contrasts so much with normal breathing that one can speak of independent Hsin Tao® breathing to strengthen the lungs. The energy storage is filled. Breathing expands and becomes much easier until it can be performed without strain.


The saint stretches his waist

The introduction to the basic principles of standing movements is the basis of the standing exercises on which the more advanced stages are based. Here you will learn the simple way to gently regenerate the body without overtaxing it or yourself. Your body will find new ways to release pain, relieve tension and regain long-lost mobility. All internal organs are gently massaged, thereby promoting detoxification and regeneration. Cell renewal and the resulting rejuvenation takes place.


The saint prepares medicine

Based on “energy from heaven”, the hands are also included, the mind is guided to a very quiet place and at the same time the attention is increased. The feeling of increasing calm is gently increased until the movement slows down on its own. Stress and nervousness disappear. Recurring thoughts can be gradually let go. The energy gained settles down and helps to be stored even better.

Saturday June 1, BASIC / EST 12:30pm. / PST 9:30am. / UK 17h / MEZ 18:30h

CHF 150.00Preis

Ratziel Bander

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